My First Post

Wow! My first post on a blog I said I'd never have. So how does this work? Do I introduce myself? And, to who exactly? No one is reading this. Well that's what I assume anyways.

So to no one here it is. My name is Tim and I'm a graphic designer. I like cars, bikes, boats or anything that will burn a hole through the ozone layer in an effort to be the fastest, loudest and best looking machine a human being has ever strapped themselves to, in or around. I also like music, video games, technology, peace on earth, my own bed and a child's laughter. I guess you will learn more about me as you read through my posts to this web log, assuming you are no one and not someone. After all, no one is reading this! (a little Abbott and Costello humor for you).

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Jenn McKay said...

No-one would like to read more.

antera said...

Come on keep posting its been awhile

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